Moore Foundation

Moore Foundation PNGThe Moore Foundation is a charitable trust based in the heart of Cheshire and provides financial and practical support to many children, their family and a variety of children’s charities at a grass roots level across the North West.

Funding and the provision of essential support, equipment and once in a lifetime experiences are often slow to reach those individuals and causes that are desperately in need.

The Moore Foundation is able to bridge that gap, respond rapidly and make a big difference to its beneficiaries.

Through fundraising and corporate donations and support, the Moore Foundation is able to help those who need it most, and put the smile back on many faces.

There are many ways in which the Moore Foundation helps individuals, families and causes across the North West.

Support – offering support through times of suffering and just as a shoulder to lean on, providing guidance and direction when it’s needed most.

Equipment – supplying equipment that will make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and groups, whether that be mobility equipment and transport, educational resources, specialist furniture, etc.

Funds – providing financial support to help fund and contribute when there is an immediate need.

Treatment – helping to source and fund suitable treatment to enhance the quality of life and improve illnesses and conditions of individuals.

Experiences – organising and funding once in a lifetime experiences and fulfilling life long dreams, as well as days out, family holidays and meet and greets.

working together

The charity has a mascot called Little M who visits children in schools, charities, hospitals and organisations and helps to put the smile back!

To find out more about the Moore Foundation call 0845 094 0373, email or visit

Alternatively, you can write to the Moore Foundation at:
Daresbury Point, Green Wood Drive, Manor Park, Runcorn, WA7 1UP